Fulvio Balmelli, born in Faido, Switzerland, in 1964, embarked on an independent research career in 1990, driven by his commitment to developing effective health solutions. With a mechanical design background, he delved into various disciplines such as human anatomy, homeopathy, and biophysics. Balmelli's work centers on practical solutions through Cytoalgorithmic technology, utilizing his body as a "laboratory" for over 30 years. His vision for natural agricultural solutions emerged from insights during studies on carbon dioxide effects, leading to the development of highly effective methods to support organic farming and address nutritional deficiencies.


Harvest Harmonics CEO, Mr. Frank Arlia, began by funding the remaining research to complete the Kyminasi Plant Booster technology to revolutionize the agricultural industry worldwide. When he was first introduced to thiss technology, he knew it would help the agricultural industry improve the environment while growing healthier, more nutritious food for people around the world. His vision has been to make this technology available to EVERYONE – farmers, homeowners, cities and governments alike. Having achieved much progress with international foreign officials, Mr. Arlia has presented to the United Nations on numerous occasions discuss this game-changing technology not only in the global agricultural industry but in cities and communities across the world.


The inspiration to develop a natural agricultural technology sparked during a research session on carbon dioxide's effects on gastric factors. Over years of experimentation with over 100 prototypes, a definitive and highly effective prototype emerged. The project's core aim has consistently been to bolster organic farming, ensuring the production of high-quality fruits and vegetables rich in essential nutrients, addressing existing deficiencies in modern agriculture.


The inventor, Fulvio Balmelli, coined a new word to describe the results of his work: Kyminasi. From then on the agricultural products are known as Kyminasi Plant Booster and the home & garden products are known as Kyminasi Garden Booster. First two letters of his children’s name and made it into Kyminasi.


Kyminasi Garden Booster technology, pioneered by Fulvio Balmelli, transforms plants by harnessing vibrational frequencies. Through specialized microtransmitters, our technology delivers natural frequencies vital for plant functions, fostering accelerated growth and enhanced health. Rigorous field trials and lab studies affirm efficacy, yielding faster growth, higher yields, and improved nutrient absorption. Additionally, Kyminasi treated vegetable plants boast superior flavor, prolonged shelf life, and decreased dependency on chemical inputs, marking a pivotal advancement in sustainable agriculture.

Proof-of-concept field trials conducted from 2015 onwards on various crops across sites in Hawaii, Australia, Panama, and Washington State

Safety Study

Safety study showed no phytotoxicity with treated water (Phytotoxicity describes any adverse effects on plant growth, physiology, or metabolism caused by a chemical substance, such as high levels of fertilizers, herbicides, heavy metals, or nanoparticles.)

Proof-of-concept field trials conducted from 2015 onwards on various crops across sites in Hawaii, Australia, Panama, and Washington State

Nutrional Study

Nutritional study on cabbage lettuce revealed increased absorption of nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc with treated water.

Proof-of-concept field trials conducted from 2015 onwards on various crops across sites in Hawaii, Australia, Panama, and Washington State

Field Observations

Field observations indicated faster growth, healthier plants, larger fruits/vegetables, extended shelf life, and enhanced flavor with KPB-treated water.


With the Garden Booster and properly amended organic soil, I get some of the best results I have ever gotten from by vegetable garden. I use less water as well.

Cosmo G.

After using the Garden Booster for the last few weeks, my pepper plants perked up and are now looking healthy again.My grapevines started to grow leaves again after 1 week of watering with the Garden Booster. Within 4 weeks, my grapevine is looking lush and healthy again.


I’m absolutely blown away by the Garden Booster’s results. It’s an amazing device for those of us that are on the go but still want beautiful plants and gardens.

Melinda W.

I used the Garden Booster on my garden plots. The garden booster area became more active and produced more fruit than the other untreated areas.The plants looked healthier and more green.

Gia S.

Since using the Garden Booster, my lawn and plants are much healthier and more beautiful than before.My potted plants are growing vigorously too. My neighbors always ask me what I’m doing to get such beautiful plants. I tell them nothing, I just water with the Garden Booster!

Carmen M.

Within a month and a half, I was seeing healthy new growth on almost all of my plants.I have used no fertilizers, or agricultural products on my plants since I planted them last year. The only thing I have done was attach one of your Boosters to my hose!

Ben G.