Say goodbye to chemical-laden yard treatments. The Garden Booster prioritizes your family's well-being with advanced signaling technology that naturally enhances plant growth. Safe for children, pets, and pollinators, our technology boosts plant health, warding off pests while maintaining a vibrant outdoor space.

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    Trusted by homeowners worldwide, our product ensures lush, green yards without harmful chemicals.

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The Garden Booster technology was developed over many years of research and discovery to prove it’s positive impacts on plant life.

The “Magic” of Signals

Ever heard of singing or playing music for plants? Our technology is like using the good, plant-positive wave signals from a "song" and combining them into over 3000 unique signals to be sent into the water every time you give your plants a drink.

Eliminates the Need for Expensive Fertilizers or Toxic Chemicals

Whether you have indoor plants, an outdoor vegetable garden or even a beautifully landscaped lawn, the Garden Booster is designed to fix the root of the plant problem, providing lasting improvements instead of a temporary fix.

Simply Spray Your Trees, Bushes, Grass, Flowers & Garden

Whether you have a large yard and garden or a small indoor space for your plants, The Garden Booster can be attached to a standard garden hose or plumbed into an automatic sprinkler system to cover what you need.

Safe for You, Yours Kids and Pets

The signal waves do not affect people, animals, or the environment adversely. The “Kyminasi” technology was specifically designed and developed by a medical researcher Mr. Fulvio Balmelli in Como Italy to help plants grow stronger and healthier. It is safe to drink.


Revolutionizing agricultural enhancement through meticulous
development by inventor Fulvio Balmelli. This groundbreaking technology utilizes vibrational frequencies to optimize plant growth and health, transmitted via specialized microtransmitters through water streams. Tests and trials reveal faster growth, higher yields, and healthier plants.

The Garden Booster: the ultimate, sustainable solution for garden and yard care.


With every watering, the Kyminasi Garden Booster builds back your yard and garden, no matter the size of your property.

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Instant savings and return on investment

When you buy your Garden Booster, you’ll see instant savings. No more expensive fertilizers, pesticides or garden supplies. Not to mention the average decrease in water usage by 50-60% (proven in farm trials). Imagine those savings on your water bill!


Inventor Fulvio Balmelli and CEO Frank Arlia

Welcome to Garden Harmonics, where we’re transforming the world, one garden at a time! Inventor Fulvio Balmelli and visionary CEO Frank Arlia created the Kyminasi Garden Booster to provide a new sustainable approach to gardening and yard care. Whether you're a homeowner, a gardener, or a lover of all plants, our revolutionary technology empowers you to supercharge your plants.

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We’ve Helped Thousands of Homeowners & Gardeners Create Their Outdoor Paradise

With the Garden Booster and properly amended organic soil, I get some of the best results I have ever gotten from by vegetable garden. I use less water as well.

Cosmo G.

After using the Garden Booster for the last few weeks, my pepper plants perked up and are now looking healthy again.My grapevines started to grow leaves again after 1 week of watering with the Garden Booster. Within 4 weeks, my grapevine is looking lush and healthy again.


I’m absolutely blown away by the Garden Booster’s results. It’s an amazing device for those of us that are on the go but still want beautiful plants and gardens.

Melinda W.

I used the Garden Booster on my garden plots. The garden booster area became more active and produced more fruit than the other untreated areas.The plants looked healthier and more green.

Gia S.

Since using the Garden Booster, my lawn and plants are much healthier and more beautiful than before.My potted plants are growing vigorously too. My neighbors always ask me what I’m doing to get such beautiful plants. I tell them nothing, I just water with the Garden Booster!

Carmen M.

Within a month and a half, I was seeing healthy new growth on almost all of my plants.I have used no fertilizers, or agricultural products on my plants since I planted them last year. The only thing I have done was attach one of your Boosters to my hose!

Ben G.


  • Reduced Water Usage

    Proven to reduce the amount of water needed to water your garden and lawn.

  • Healthier Fruits and Veggies

    All studies show healthier looking plants and increased production.

  • No Toxic Pesticides & Weed Killers

    Eliminates the need to protect your plants against killers weeds and insects.

  • Safe for kids and pets

    Proven so safe you could even drink the water with no harmful effects



How long does it take to see results?

Every plant, garden and yard are different, depending on geographical location, weather conditions, climate and how bad your plant problem is. We recommend using the booster for 2-3 weeks before starting to see results.

How often do I have to use it?

The effectiveness of our system is based on how often you use it. The
more frequently you water, the more effective our technology becomes, up to about once per day, depending on what each of your plants need. We recommend watering at least once a week for optimal results. Less frequent application will still benefit the plants and soil, just not to the same degree as more frequent applications.

What does it smell like?

There’s no smell or residue, just clean water.

What’s the difference between the size of Garden Boosters?

The ¾” size is most commonly used for a standard garden hose for
manual sprayer. An irrigation system may also have this size pipe for installation. The 1” size is mostly for installation into an irrigation system but can also be the size you need for your hose.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! We’re so confident you’ll love your boosted property and garden that we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.

How do I know the size of my hose or irrigation system?