Summer Citrus Success: KR Citrus Doubles Young Orange Tree Growth with Booster Technology!

Summer Citrus Success: KR Citrus Doubles Young Orange Tree Growth with Booster Technology!

Porterville, California (July 2020)

– It’s a summer of sunshine and citrus triumphs in Porterville, California, thanks to KR Citrus, a local grower specializing in navel and Valencia oranges. This season, they’ve achieved remarkable results using innovative Kyminasi Plant Booster (KPB) technology, paving the way for a future filled with “Summer Citrus Success.”

Doubling Down on Growth: Young Trees Thrive in Record Time

KR Citrus implemented KPB with a specific goal: accelerate the growth of their young orange trees. The results were beyond expectations. After just six weeks of watering with KPB, owner Jim Reed noticed a dramatic difference in the size and canopy density of his one-year-old trees compared to untreated trees. In fact, these young KPB-treated trees were even more developed than his neighbor’s two-year-old trees! This translates to a 100% faster growth rate, effectively doubling the growth speed – a game-changer for any citrus grower seeking “Summer Citrus Success.”

KPB: Scientifically-Backed Benefits Beyond Growth Acceleration

KR Citrus’ experience is just one example of the many successes achieved with KPB. Our scientific research consistently backs these positive results. Studies conducted in other parts of the world have shown promising results in:

  • Pest Reduction: A lemon farm in Olmos, Peru, using KPB, saw a significant decrease in leaf screwworm infestation, indicating increased pest resistance.
  • Enhanced Root Development: The same Peruvian study also revealed that KPB-treated lemon trees had larger and more developed root systems, crucial for overall plant health and a key factor in long-term “Summer Citrus Success.”
  • Yield Increase: In Colombia, KPB technology boosted Tahiti lime yields by an impressive 55% compared to untreated fields.

Unlock Your Own Summer Citrus Success Story

KR Citrus’ success story is a shining example of the potential of KPB technology to unlock “Summer Citrus Success” for growers everywhere. Are you a citrus grower looking to achieve faster growth, improved plant health, and potentially higher yields? Head over to our shop at to explore how Kyminasi Plant Booster can revolutionize your citrus operation! Schedule your free Zoom appointment today to learn more about KPB and how our scientifically-backed approach can help you achieve your own summer citrus triumphs. Visit Our Science page for more results on all the crops.